To create difference or just for an event?

While the entire country was celebrating National Earthquake Safety Day on January 16, 2018, Shankharapur was relatively quiet. Unlike last year, when thousands of people from Shankharapur and different organizations took over the street of Shankhu to commemorate NESD, this year only handful of youth and community members joined community level event. Shankhu, one of the most affected areas in […]

Involvement of Private Sector in DRR

INVOLVEMENT OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR IN DRR   Will we continue to fetch charity from private organizations during disasters or engage them as a shareholder for disaster risk reduction? Time has come to unlock the immense potentiality of the private sector to contribute to DRR and to make them resilient in order to develop a […]

My Field Visit

SURAKSHIT SAHAR – my field visit   “Prevention is better than Cure” – this meaningful sentence is written in big letters on one of the main gates of the Shramik Shanti Secondary School in Chyasal, Lalitpur. In the morning of the 31st of January we come to visit the school that is part of the […]

Tourism and DRR

TOURISM SECTOR GETTING DISASTER PREPARED   Earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods – it is beyond us to predict most of the natural hazards that threaten us, but it is for sure that they will happen again in the future. The important question to ask ourselves is: do we simply wait until we face a disaster, or […]

Tapping the untapped – Private Sector on Disaster Risk Management

Among others, engagement with the private sector on Disaster Risk Reduction makes PRAGATI Project unique. PRAGATI is an urban Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) project being implemented in Sankharapur Municipality in Kathmandu and Changunarayan Municipality in Bhaktapur District. Realizing the importance of partnership with private sector, the project is working closely with the private sector, identifying […]

“The role of women should not be limited to passing bricks and mortar…” Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor, Sukra Laxmi Shrestha, urged women to participate equally in construction. “The role of women should not be limited to passing bricks and mortar but they should be actively engaged in digging foundation to constructing walls,” she told the participants. She encouraged male participants to take their female counterparts together and progress together […]